Byron Family Medical Centre

          Goals and Objectives of the BYRON FAMILY MEDICAL CENTRE (BFMC)


►  To respect the privacy and dignity of patients and families at all times.

►  To provide optimal health care to our patients by applying the Whole Person Model of Patient-Centred Care.

►  To provide continuing support and advocacy for our patients.

►  To maintain continuity of patient care by the health care team.

►  To maintain an effective interdisciplinary team structure for patient care.
►  To provide an optimal learning environment for the education of family medicine residents, as well as medical, nursing, and nurse practitioner students.
►  To adopt a scholarly and intellectually rigorous approach to all of the health disciplines within the Byron Familly Medical Centre. 
►  To maintain a working environment that promotes professionalism, effective communication and cooperation.
►  To maintain a safe environment for both patients and staff.
►  To strive to model, in our own behaviour, the values and attitudes inherent in these goals and objectives.