Byron Family Medical Centre

There are four main teams at BFMC as outlined below with additional staff and support.

Team A:
Dr. Scott McKay
Dr. H. Whyte
Dr. N. Pecchioli
Ms. Sharon Pierce (Nurse)
Ms. Jennifer Peebles (Receptionist)

Team B:
Dr. George Kim
Dr. S. Um
Dr. C. Schulz
Dr. P. Konschuh
Ms. Nancy Malek (Nurse)
Ms. Jennifer Peebles (Receptionist)

Additional Support for Teams A & B:
Dr.  Nancy McKeough  (Part-time Physician)
Dr.  Christina Cookson  (Part-time Physician)
Charlene Leslie (Administrative Assistant)

Team C:
Dr. Andrew Hemphill
Dr. K. Harris
Dr. G. Tatikian
Ms. Louise Turk-Harron (Nurse)
Ms. Teresa Payne (Receptionist)

Team D:
Dr. Sonny Cejic
Dr. S. Knezevic
Dr. H. Haggag
Ms. Lori Bage (Nurse)
Ms. Teresa Payne (Receptionist)

Additional Support for Teams C & D:
Dr. Tom Freeman (Part-time Physician)
Dr.  Christina Cookson (Part-time Physician)
Dr. John Jordan(Part-time Physician)
Ms. Dawn Leslie (Administrative Assistant)

Additional Health Care Providers:
Ms. Joan Mitchell (Nurse Practitioner)
Ms. Andrea Allen (Social Worker)
Ms. Meghan Rombeek (Registered Dietitian)
Ms. Jade Rogers (Occupational Therapist)

Ms. Payal Patel (Pharmacist)
Ms. Erin Meth (TVFHT staff Co-ordinator)
Ms. Karen Parker (TVFHT Team Assistant)
Dr. S. Ojha (Part-time Psychiatrist)
Dr. Carey Anne DeOliveira (Psychologist)
Ms. Tomasina Chevalier (LHSC Co-ordinator)